Al-Bedey, delivering construction, communications and infrastructure

Al-Bedey participates in multiple projects with partners in different fields around the world.

The Group’s companies carry out their activities autonomously, with their own technicians, equipment, and facilities, but always in a coordinated manner and with the same creed and passion.

We have been operating in many important projects in several African countries as we have a long experience and a wide knowledge of cultures and customers of the context where we are present.


Ethiopia Headquarters

Ethiopia: Al Bedey Depot

Partnership & Projects
Our branch in Ethiopia is very proud to be a good example of a foreign investment company with its active participation in the country's development projects such as road construction, water projects and many others. In last two years, Al Bedey Construction, as an active business partner, was working with numerous construction companies including:

  • Mark Construction Machinery Services P.L.C
  • Ethiopian Road Authority
  • China Road & Bridge Corporation
  • Harvest Training Centre P.L.C
  • Ethio-Canadian Business Group
  • FAL Trading
  • Berehe Hagos General Contractor
  • Drag Uados

The following companies were partners with Al Bedey in construction projects:
  • Addis Ababa water supply
  • Jimma Road project
  • Wolkite Road construction project
  • Butajira Road construction project
  • Gohatsion-Dejen road project
  • Addis Ababa water S. projects phase 2 Akaki
  • Debre Markos site
  • Markos Road construction project
  • Hosaina Road construction project

    Al-Bedey Construction Machinery Rental  has projects in three different fields of business:
  • Importing and renting construction machines and materials
  • Manufacturing
  • Agro-Industry


Sudan Headquarters

Al-Bedey's Sudan depot

After great commitment from the company management and all employees, our branch in Sudan has become the one of the largest trade companies, forging new business relations with many other international partners, distinguishing us from competitors in the local market.

  • As a leader in Import and Export Market we have also resources and the financial capability to undertake different transport projects.
  • With our own Transport Office in Um Dorman and large equipment as heavy machinery and Hino Trucks we are able to carry out work successfully at any place and time accordingly.
  • Al-Bedey Investment & Trade Ltd. was established according to Companies Law 1925 in Khartoum on 18th October 2001.


Al Bedey for Roads and Bridges has several projects and works with different partners in each project.

Al-bedey signed a contract with the oil company, GNPOC to carry out all oil-related projects.

Company’s Main Activities:
Alaghede –Um Alkhair Road
Al-bedey has contributed in the process of execution of government development programs such as Alagad-Um Alkhair Road in Unity State
Ajack Truely Road Construction
Al-bedey overcomes all the risks, difficulties, and harsh environments during project implementation. Ajack- Truely Road is a good example of this.
GNPOC Oil Field Activities
Al-bedey has been selected by GNPOC as main civil work contractor in block 1, 2, and 4. Now after two years in construction works, Al-bedey was found to be one of the largest and best contractors in both quality and productivity.


Chad Headquarters

    Qualified manpower with international experience, high technology and super efficiency in several specialist fields:
  • Transport: more than 35 minibuses working in City of N'djamena, capital of Chad that circulate providing transportation around the city to the population.
  • Import & Export: buying and selling heavy machinery, cars, and any other building equipment from all over the world.
  • Mineral Water Factory set up in Chad. Al-Bedey Group for Investment  supplies mineral water for all government offices, international organizations working in Chad, and all hotels. It has become one of the biggest water suppliers in the area .


Mining Project
Al-Bedey Group for Investment  also invests in the mining sector and has an agreement with the Government of Chad to explore Uranium and Gold, in Lerie.
Brick Factory
Al-Bedey Group for Investment  also has a brick factory which is supplying N’Djamena’s new Maternity Hospital with 1 million bricks.
Rental of Dump Trucks and Heavy Machinery
Al-Bedey Group for Investment  rents Dump Trucks and heavy machinery such as Wheelloaders to Esner Road and Bridge Co., Chinese contractors, and Arab contractors.
Internet Service Providers
The Group provides internet services to international companies and organizations such as embassies, hotels, and other businesses in Chad.


Al Bedey's mineral water factory in Chad

Business fields and partners

Al-Bedey has been a key operator in many important civil engineering, infrastructure and communications projects throughout Africa. Our group of companies has long experience and a wide knowledge of African industry, cultures and customers.

Al-Bedey's international role has ensured continued investment across the African continent by leading partners including construction, road and bridges, transport, machinery rental, factories and mining.

Other international projects:

Alaghede –Um Alkhair Road
Ajack Truely Road Construction 
GNOPC Oil Field Activities
Kenana SugarMedicine Sans Frontiers
The World Food Program
Red Cross

Shopping Centre Addis

Mark Construction
Machinery Services
Ethiopian Road Authority
China Road & Bridge Corporation
Ethio-Canadian Business Group
FAL Trading
Berehe Hagos General
Drag Uados


N’Djamena Academy
Mining project
Mineral Water Factory
Brick Factory
Dump Trucks and Heavy Machinery Rental


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