Al-Bedey Management Limited

Al-Bedey's offices in Curzon Street, LondonAl-Bedey Group has been present in Europe since 2003 and its headquarters are based in the district of Mayfair in London. The role played by the European Team is vital as it acts as a link between the Group’s companies in Africa and the rest of the world.

It is in London that the strategic and operative decisions are made and the projects of all the Group’s companies are coordinated. Al-Bedey Management’s focal activities consist in valuing new business opportunities, planning on technical and organizational levels, and advising the Group’s companies in the construction of public infrastructural works and industrial plants.

Al-Bedey for Trading and Investment Co. Ltd.

One of the main companies for Trade and Investment in the Arabic Markets, Middle East and Europe.


Al-Bedey Construction Machinery Rental PLC.

Involved in the development and construction of infrastructure in Ethiopia.


Al-Bedey Group for Investment

Qualified manpower with international experience.


Al-Bedey for Roads and Bridges

One of the main groups contributing in construction development in Sudan.