About The Al-Bedey Group

The Catapillar TeamAl-Bedey Group of Companies is an international leader in the import & export and construction sectors with branches in the United Kingdom, Sudan, Ethiopia and Chad. The Group’s companies carry out their activities autonomously, with their own technicians, equipment, and means, but always in a coordinated manner and with the same creed and passion. Al-Bedey Group of Companies’  availability , coordination and excellent record makes us certain that we are always able to provide you with the best and most complete trade, construction, import & export, transportation, mining and maintenance services.

Al-Bedey is a business with the aim to achieve maximum client satisfaction in everything it does. We focus on our customers and staff and part of our mission is that we continue to re-invest our resources into the Group. We offer a wide range of specialist construction services , all of which focus on building long-term effective partnerships.

Al-Bedey has over 700 employees operating in its Head Office in London and in the Group’s Companies in Africa. All our staff is supported by our career development plans and encourage to grow together with the company. Our business has a well-balanced turnover and it is not dependent on one sector or individual client, as we have a network of construction business units which are able to adapt to the changing markets.

AlBedey truckes lined up and ready for action

Global Experience

We have been operating in many important projects in several African countries as we have a long experience and a wide knowledge of cultures and customers of the context where we are present. We cooperate with the Sudan, Ethiopia and Chad government in the oil, mining, agriculture and road and bridges sectors. Al-Bedey takes the lead in contributing in the different countries by taking part in building their infrastructures. Our people and resources are spread around the working area to ensure all projects are completed on time. Al-Bedey Management Limited has already have a strong position in UK market, we are also able to guarantee our services by representing other companies overseas.

For more information about Al-Bedey, please download our company booklet (PDF 2.6Mb)